LPC Florida Triathlon Camp
Orlando & surrounding areas of Kissimmee & Clermont, Florida
March 5th to 12th, 2016

2016 campLPC online registration opens on July 15th, 2015


Loaring Personal Coaching (LPC) offers a one week triathlon training camp in paradise for the beginner to experienced triathlete. Campers will be spoiled by the accommodations, and neighbouring surroundings, of Emerald Island Resort, scenic rolling roads for cycling, surreal orange grove running trails, and open water swimming at the world famous Orange Lake Resort. Lake Louisa State Park is the utopian spot for an interval "brick" workout. The National Training Center, and the 350 meter River Island Pool, will be home to technical swims that will feature stroke correction, above water and underwater video analysis, and open water simulations.

Although campers will be busy training, learning, and recovering, occasional afternoons and evenings will be open to enjoy the plethora of restaurants and attractions that has made Kissimmee, Florida, an international tourist Mecca. This is the perfect camp for the triathlete looking to learn from Certified Professional Coaches, get a fitness and inspirational boost on the upcoming season, and enjoy favourable weather and training in paradise surroundings. It is also the ideal camp to bring friends, family, and significant others, as there are numerous attractions and shopping destinations to keep anyone and everyone entertained.

Our goal is to provide the ultimate warm weather multi-faceted triathlon training camp that is educational, inspirational, and fun. A March Break camp in warm weather provides the perfect opportunity for aerobic pre-season training, and to improve your technical skill set in all three of triathlon's disciplines. Although Walt Disney World is located only three miles from camp headquarters, you won't even have to see Mickey Mouse to leave Florida with a long-lasting smile.
Biking along the West Orange Trail
Ready to Swim
River Island at Orange Lake Country Club Resort

“The LPC Training Camp far exceeded my expectations in every regard. The Coaching staff was expert in their respective fields, and provided excellent hands on instruction. The Camp provided an opportunity to improve upon technique, and to obtain a great fitness base for the upcoming race season.
I will definitely return!” Keith Henry, camper and triathlete

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Camp LPC takes place in the regions of Kissimmee, Clermont, and Orlando Florida

Camp LPC accommodations take place at Emerald Island Resort (EIR), only three miles from Walt Disney World..

Once inside you feel as if you have entered a special preserve. Emerald Island is surrounded by a Conservation Area and encompasses over 300 acres with 11 heavily wooded acres right in the middle of the community.

Emerald Island Resort Emerald Island Resort Emerald Island Resort
Only a few miles from Walt Disney World and a short walk or drive to shopping and dining, this "island" serves as a haven from the larger world while remaining central to everything the world's most popular destination has to offer.

All campers are encouraged to stay in EIR, either in one of the reserved LPC camp houses, or in a house that you rent on your own. However, numerous accommodation options are available within close proximity of EIR. Rooms will be reserved for athletes after they pay the camp deposit. EIR provides three-to-seven bedroom housing for those who wish to book their own accommodation. Housing options range from three-star to four-star.
Just minutes from EIR, campers will be provided with unlimited "VIP" access to Orange Lake Resort, which will provide the opportunity to relax at the 350 meter 'lazy river' pool at River Island.
River Island Lazy River Pool Beach at Orange Lake Country Club Resort Relax at the Orange Lake Pool
River Island at Orange Lake Country Club Resort River Island at Orange Lake Country Club Resort Beach at Orange Lake Country Club Resort

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Open water swims will take place at Lake Louisa State Park, and at the Orange Lake Resort beach.
Swim Video Analysis with Coach Jeff Open Water Swimming at Orange Lake Country Club Resort NTC Pool
Technical pool swims (featuring above water and underwater video analysis) will take place at the National Training Center (NTC), and at the 350 meter River Island Pool at Orange Lake Resort.
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Tackle the infamous Sugarloaf Climb Who says Florida is flat? Campers will enjoy riding on the freshly paved roads of Kissimmee, and the cycling haven rolling terrain of Clermont. A brick workout will take place at Lake Louisa State Park, which boasts a rolling 10 mile bike loop, running trails, and open water swimming. Campers will also have the opportunity to tackle the infamous Sugarloaf climb. Ready to tackle Sugarloaf

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Running drills at sunrise The surreal Orange Grove 10 mile loop is a favourite among those who have encountered this hidden gem. Come see why this will be one of the most memorable runs of your life. Beginning a long run at sunrise
Conservation Area at Emerald Island Resort Campers will only have to step out from their accommodation to enjoy the scenic terrain of Emerald Island Resort Conservation Area. Orange Grove 10 Mile Run Loop

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Dynamic stretching at Lake Louisa State Park Campers will learn swim, bike, and run-specific motor control exercises. Triathlon-specific dynamic stretching will take place prior to all sessions. Static stretching at Lake Louisa State Park

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Campers will have every opportunity to learn from the multi-disciplinary experience and expertise of campLPC's Coaches.

Click to view James' Website
Head Coach & Owner of Loaring Personal Coaching (LPC)
campLPC Head Coach
NCCP Certified Competition Triathlon Coach
Triathlon Canada Age Group Coach of the Year
Former Professional Triathlete

Click to view Mark's Profile

LPC Associate Coach
Performance Hydration & Nutrition Consultant
Professional Triathlete
NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach

Olympian Sarah Haskins
campLPC Guest Coach
US Olympian & Professional Triathlete

Coach Nathan Kortuem
campLPC Guest Coach
Head Coach & Owner of Tri-K Coaching
USAT Certified Elite Triathlon Coach

Click to view Nissim's Profile
campLPC Coach (Bike and Run Leader)
NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach
Former Professional Triathlete

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CAMP SCHEDULE (tentative)

Note: Below is the tentative camp training schedule and is subject to change. The camp is geared for adult (16+) beginner to experienced levels of ability and development, who aim to participate in triathlon distances ranging from sprint to Ironman. A more detailed camp schedule and timeline will be emailed prior to the camp. After an athlete pays the camp deposit, a detailed questionnaire will be emailed (about one month prior to the start of the camp) in an effort to provide the camp coaches with important background info for each athlete. This will help the coaches develop a personalized training program for each camper. For most workouts, athletes will be divided into three different groups based on level of ability and development. Therefore, many workouts will be focused for athletes who are "beginners" or "intermediates" or "elites".

Approximate durations for each workout are shown after the workout description below (in parentheses). The shorter duration aerobic workouts will be more suitable for beginners and/or campers gearing up for short-course triathlons. The longer duration aerobic workouts will be more suitable for those who have a sufficient fitness base entering the camp, and/or who are beyond beginner ability, and/or gearing up for a long-course triathlon. Coaches will ensure that all athletes feel comfortable and fit well in a group that will reflect their current level of fitness and ability. Fatigue levels and other factors might come into play that will have campers train with the "longer" group one day, and with the "shorter" group at another session.

This is not a "hammer" or "epic" big mileage camp. The focus is on technical instruction. Having said that, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy lots of aerobic and high-intensity training throughout the week.

Saturday, March 7
Morning Campers arrive and get settled
Option for early arrivers to watch the ITU Pan American Cup
Triathlon that takes place nearby the Camp Houses
Afternoon Campers arrive and get settled
Optional short easy bike
Evening Campers arrive and get settled
Sunday, March 8
8:00am Run: 20' relaxed easy to moderate at Orange Lake Resort
8:30am Exercises: 15' of dynamic stretching and swim-specific exercises at River Island
9:00am Swim: ~1h with open water simulations at River Island
2:30pm Bike: (1h30 or 2h) easy to moderate from LPC Camp House
6:30pm Pot-luck "Meet & Greet" Social at LPC Camp House
Monday, March 9

Run: with drills and tempo intervals at National Training Center (NTC) outdoor 400m track

9:30am Swim: ~90' technical swim with above water and underwater video
11:30am Seminar: 1h Nutrition & Hydration for Endurance Athletes at NTC conference room (includes catered lunch)
4:30pm Bike: ~75' with skills, drills, and paceline at Emerald Island Resort
Tuesday, March 10

Bike: (2h or 3h or 4h) Long base ride from Emerald Island Resort

11:00am Run: (day off running or 20' or 30' or 45') off bike relaxed easy to moderate
Wednesday, March 11
8:30am Brick: Bike / Run intervals and transition practice at Lake Louisa State Park
11:30am Swim: open water swim for ~30' (starts, exits, T1, sighting, navigation) at Lake Louisa State Park
12:15pm Exercises: triathlon-specific motor control exercises and stretches
7:30pm Seminar: 1h Swim Stroke Video Analysis at Emerald Island Resort
Thursday, March 12
7:45am Exercises: 15' of triathlon-specific exercises at River Island
8:15am Swim: ~1h with open water simulations at River Island
Noon Bike: Long ride for 2h or 3h or 4h+ along West Orange Trail and to Sugarloaf Hill.
Friday, March 13
7:15am Run: Long run with drills (45' upwards to 2h) over the beautiful rolling Orange Grove Trail. Water and nutrition and car support.
9:45am Swim: 30' relaxed swim at Orange Lake Resort


Bike: 1h30 or 2h30 easy to moderate from Emerald Island Resort to Windermere
Saturday, March 14
Morning optional short relaxed swim and/or run
Campers depart :(
Check-out of Camp Houses by 11am

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A professionally run camp, ran on time and as scheduled.  Something for everyone whether new to triathlon or an Ironman veteran.
Dennis Masse, Belle River, ON
Once again, a truly remarkable camp experience. I was impressed with the quality of the Coaching staff, and their ability to relate to my training needs. Their knowledge of the sport is very comprehensive, up to date, and techniques are explained in such as way that is easy to understand. The schedule was very well organized, and all camp activities were very educational and enjoyable.
Keith Henry, Amherstburg, ON
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a great camp. I appreciated the following:
1.  The organization, the choice and the flow of the activities (especially being on time for scheduled activities and keeping us on time)
2.  The mix of abilities and how well you were able to work with them
3.  The fun aspect mixed in with the training - pot luck, dinners out at great restaurants, buffet breakfasts
4.  How well you all dealt with the various personalities
5.  The expertise and enthusiasm of all of the coaches in their various disciplines - I learned a lot
6.  The variety of locations for training
7.  The great bike rides ( I enjoyed cycling every day)
8.  The Lazy River pool was fun to swim in (hot tub was a bonus!)
9.  The accommodations - nice big house and the gated community we were in - great location
10.  The outdoor pool we were videotaped in and the opportunity to do a little bit of open water swimming

Janice Skinner, Lindsay, ON

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CAMP PROGRAM COST: (please note that the Camp Program Cost does not include accommodations and/or transportation services.)

Register early and save:

$495 (Canadian Dollars) if deposit is paid between August 1st 2014, and August 31st 2014.

$545 (Canadian Dollars) if deposit is paid between September 1st 2014, and December 31st, 2014.

$595 (Canadian Dollars) if deposit is paid between January 1st 2015, and February 15th 2015.

$645 (Canadian Dollars) if deposit is paid after February 15th, 2015.

Please note that the 2010, 2011, 2012. 2013, & 2014 LPC Camps all filled to capacity several weeks prior to the start of the camp. Limited to the first 25 registrants.

campLPC strives to offer an extremely well organized camp of exceptional value. Campers will only be charged for services that will be utilized. Therefore, we do not offer a "one-size-fits-all" camp rate since some campers may wish to provide their own accommodation and/or transportation. The Camp Program Cost only includes services that all campers will benefit from. If you prefer to provide your own accommodations and/or transportation, then the Camp Program Cost above is the only fee owing.

Camp Program Cost includes:
  • Personalized training sessions - campers will fill out a questionnaire that will inform coaches of personal goals, current fitness, and current levels of ability and development. Coaches will ensure that each training session is appropriate for each camper. Every training session will always have a well communicated goal and purpose.
  • Individual coaching attention - Coaches ride campers for every bike session. This provides the opportunity to assess and provide feedback "on the fly". Swim sessions will have a technical focus and all campers will recieve personalized feedback regarding their stroke. Campers will learn many triathlon-specific exercises and stretches, and coaches will help ensure they focus on ones that are appropriate for them. Coaches will provided tips at all run sessions, and provide feedback while campers perform running-specific drills. All campers will have numerous opportunities to have their specific questions answered by LPC's Professional Certified Coaches.
  • Educational Seminars - campers will enjoy the laid back and informative seminars conducted by LPC's Coaches. Questions will be answered throughout each seminar.
  • Facility access. Access to Emerald Island Resort, the National Training Center, Lake Louisa State Park, and Orange Lake Resort (including River Island).
  • Video Technical Analysis and Camp Videos - each camper's above water and underwater swim footage will contain voice-over stroke correction feedback from Coach Jeff Cowan. In addition, highlight footage (photos and high definition video) from the entire camp will provide priceless memories of your Camp LPC experience.
Optional Camp Services Include:
  • Accommodations provided in Emerald Island Resort. Select from one of the below accommodation options if you would like the convenience of having Camp LPC provide you with accommodation. Alternatively, campers have the option to book their own accomodation.
  • Transportation during the camp and/or to and from the airport.
Add to the Camp Program Cost one of the following options if you would like any form of accommodation provided:

With one camper in King Master Bedroom with ensuite = CAD$395
With two campers in King Master Bedroom with ensuite = CAD$245 (per person)

With one camper in Queen bedroom = CAD$325
With two campers in Queen bedroom = CAD$210 (per person)

With one camper in Twins or Double bedroom = CAD$290
With two campers in Twins or Double bedroom = CAD$190 (per person)

Please Note:
Above prices include the total accommodation cost for the entire stay.
Above prices include all taxes, utilities, and cleaning fees.
Check-in is available as early as 4pm on Saturday, March 7th.
Check-out by 11am, Saturday, March 14th.

Bedrooms are subject to availability.
Registering (paying the Camp Deposit) early will increase the chances that you are able to secure the bedroom of your choice.
Bedrooms will be allocated according to the order of camp deposits received. Register early to help secure your first bedroom preference.
All campers are encouraged to arrive by Saturday evening, March 7th.
Houses are spacious (~3500 square feet) and offer numerous amenities, including: full kitchen, central air conditioning, pool, spa, games room, high speed wireless Internet, grill, big screen HDTV, washer and dryer.
For those wishing to stay on their own, or with their own group, it is recommended that you book a house (or villa) at Emerald Island Resort.
Add to the Camp Program Cost one of the following options if you would like any form of transportation provided:

Airport pick-up and drop-off + full transportation during camp (to all sessions, socials, and daily grocery runs) = CAD$160
Airport pick-up and drop-off only = CAD$80
Full Transportation during camp (no airport pick-up or drop-off) = CAD$120

Please Note:
Rental cars from the Orlando International Airport typically run around USD$300-$400 for a one week mid-size car rental. This might be an attractive option if you would like to have the flexibility to cruise around the surroundings during your entire stay.
Ensure your bike box and luggage will be able to fit into your car rental. Otherwise, you will have to choose the airport pick-up and drop-off service to transport your bikes to and from the airport.
There will be a camp trailer to transport your bike to the rides that do not depart from Emerald Island Resort. You will not have to purchase a transportation service to have your bike transported to bike sessions during the camp.

Contact LPC if you would like to have your bike (bike remains fully assembled) transported to/from campLPC. This has been a very popular service for campers to avoid the hassle and expense of flying with a bike. The camp trailer will leave from Guelph, Ontario, and Windsor, Ontario. The round-trip charge is CAD$140.

Contact LPC if you would like to have your bike shipped directly to the Camp. An address will be provided so that you can have your bike arrive before your arrival.

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Press the "Buy Now" button to reserve a spot in the camp and pay the $200 camp deposit.
Deposit is non-refundable.
Balance is due upon arrival to camp (cash, VISA, or MasterCard accepted).

If you prefer to register via phone, call LPC at 1-519-562-5231 to pay the camp deposit using VISA or MasterCard.
LPC Camp Deposit

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Contact Coach James by email, or phone (519) 562-5231, if you would would like more information regarding the LPC Florida Triathlon Camp.

Good morning coffee and then time to train
Open Water Swimming at Orange Lake Beach

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